Shipping with us? As part of our increased health and safety precautions to avoid the spread and exposure of the coronavirus, we are asking customers to fill out their air waybill template before visiting us. This helps us reduce the crowd in our facility and time spent at our customer service counter. The form can be found on our website at

If you have questions, please call our Customer Service Team at 1-888-94-ALOHA or email for help filling out the template or to learn how to book shipments. Please follow the signage posted in our customer service area to protect yourself, your loved ones and those around you. We will do our best to update as new information becomes available in this quickly changing time. Please let your families, friends and customers know that while they may see empty shelves at stores, it is not because of a disruptions to services. We are still here for you during our normal operating hours and will continue to move freight into and throughout the Hawaiian Islands. Mahalo!