Flowers, Lei and Plants

Keeping Hawaii Fresh.

Perishable shipments such as flowers, lei and other live plants are those that may spoil without proper care and handling. Whether you’re shipping an array of plant nursery stock interisland, transporting palm trees and sod for your new landscaping project, or a box of lei for your nephew’s graduation on Kauai, we’ll get it there as fresh as possible.

Fruits & Vegetables

If It’s Grown, It Can be Flown.

Aloha Air Cargo ships fruits, vegetables and other fresh grown produce and packaged products with the proper care and handling.

Aloha is proud to champion sustainability and work with local farmers and producers in shipping their locally grown produce throughout the State. In fact, Aloha has partnered with the Hawaii Farm Bureau Federation (HFBF) to provide an exclusive HFBF member discounted shipping program for locally grown produce, live plants and more. Members should register on for more details.

For more information on shipping your live plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables or other perishable please contact Aloha Customer Service.