ADVISORY: Dept. of Agriculture Requirements for Inbound OGG Shipments

Department of Agriculture ADVISORY

Download PDF of Advisory HERE
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Aloha Valued Customer,

logo_hdoaWe have just been advised that EFFECTIVE Monday, August 1, 2011, the State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture is requiring that ALL inbound shipments of Plants, Produce, Cut Flowers and Foliage into Kahului (OGG) Airport be inspected PRIOR to releasing to our customers, until further notice.

The State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture is doing ongoing inspections due to potential threat of invasive species into Maui, and to prevent any further agriculture and health threats to Maui’s economy. For the full notice from the State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture, you may download the PDF advisory here: AG INSPECTION ADVISORY

Aloha Air Cargo is working with the Dept. of Agriculture and Kyle Yagi, acting Maui County Supervisor, to ensure that the impact to Aloha’s valued customers is minimal. Aloha will transport all shipments to/from the inspection facility based on their hours of operation. Contingent upon the number of shipments and inspections, you may experience minimal delay in the pickup of your shipments arriving into OGG. Aloha Air Cargo will contact EACH consignee when their shipment has been inspected and is available at Aloha’s OGG cargo facility for pickup:

  • Monday through Friday – Pickup no earlier than 8 am (Aloha will contact once shipment is available)
  • Saturday – Pickup no earlier than 11 am (Aloha will contact once shipment is available)
  • Sunday – Regular pickup time during normal operating hours from 3pm – 7pm

We appreciate your patience and consideration during this required inspection period, and we thank you in advance for your understanding. If you have any questions please contact our Customer Service Team at, toll free at 888-94-ALOHA (25642), or speak to your Aloha Account Representative.