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AAC_Services_HeroAloha Air Cargo strives to provide fast, convenient, economical, and reliable air cargo service throughout the State of Hawaii. From the convenience of our Aloha Standard and Aloha Express freight services to large equipment and special handling air freight, Aloha Air Cargo is committed to meeting your air cargo needs with the care and attention you’ve come to trust.

Please note that all shipments are charged based on the greater of either the dimensional weight or the gross weight of the cargo.


Air Cargo Services:

Aloha StandardAloha Express | Aloha FlexAir | Aloha Los Angeles | Aloha Las Vegas | Loveable Pet Air Service | Sports Equipment


Aloha Standard:

Aloha Air Cargo is committed to providing overnight general freight service for all types of air cargo throughout the Islands of Hawaii. If it fits in our aircraft, we will take it.

NOTE: For all oversized pieces (greater than 120 inches, less than 168 inches on any given side, and under 48 inches in height, up to a max weight of 5,000 lbs); additional charges may apply and MUST be pre-arranged with Aloha Customer Service PRIOR to acceptance; please contact Aloha Customer Service for details.

All cargo must be tendered by 7 pm (station closing hours), to be available for pickup the following morning after 6 am.

Aloha Express:

Aloha Air Cargo provides same day shipping service, for your inter-island single & multi-piece time-sensitive shipments within Hawaii.

Aloha FlexAir:

Aloha FlexAir offers a convenient and cost-effective solution for your less time-sensitive cargo shipments. You’ll enjoy no-hassle drop-off; pick-up just 3 – 5 days from the drop-off cutoff to and from Honolulu and Kahului, Hilo, Kona and Lihue.

Aloha Los Angeles:

Aloha Air Cargo is now shipping to and from Los Angeles, California! Use our Aloha Los Angeles service to move your cargo on one of our five, weekly, non-stop flights on a wide-body 767 aircraft. Choose between Aloha LAX Express service (ships on next available flight), or Aloha LAX Standard service (ships space available).

Aloha Las Vegas:

Aloha Air Cargo is now shipping to and from Hawaii’s 9th Island, Las Vegas! Use our Aloha Las Vegas service to move your cargo on one of our four, weekly, non-stop flights on a wide body 767 Aircraft (operated by Omni Air). *Some restrictions may apply.

Loveable Pet Air Service:

Transport services for Pet shipping and shipping live animals are provided by our experienced team of live animal transportation professionals. We have designed a unique program to move live animals with the utmost priority and care. Trust our personal service for safe and comfortable live animal transport throughout the Islands of Hawaii. Please contact Aloha Customer Service for reservations and details.

Sports Equipment:

Several types of sports equipment can be transported at a low per-piece rate including surfboard and bike shipping.