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Cargo insurance is an important decision when you are shipping or transporting goods. Importers and exporters are exposed to financial impact if the shipment is lost or damaged during transportation. Cargo may be damaged by an accident or a natural disaster at any of the points from origin to destination. You may think some cargo is less prone to damage however the risk of theft or damage from weather events still exists.

Aloha Air Cargo’s insurance is backed by a leading name in the shipping insurance industry, Seven Seas Insurance Company. Securing coverage is easy and in the unfortunate event of a loss, the claim process is fast and reliable. For a minimum premium of $7.50, you can cover your shipment from drop-off to pick-up. Insurance covers the value of your freight as well as the shipping cost. To be eligible, all items must be properly packaged and insurance must be purchased prior to shipment.

Insurance Rates

  • $1.50 per $100 of insured value
  • Minimum premium per air waybill is $7.50

See a Customer Service agent if you have questions. Certain commodities are excluded from coverage. For a listing of these items, please refer to FAQ list on the right side of this page.

About Seven Seas
Seven Seas Insurance Company has been offering cargo insurance since 1967. You can feel comfortable in knowing that Seven Seas Insurance has received an A (Excellent) rating from AM Best, the leading provider of ratings on the worldwide insurance industry. Seven Seas offers:

  • Ocean Cargo Insurance
  • Inland Cargo Insurance
  • Air Cargo Insurance
  • Efficient Claim Processing
  • Competitive Rates
  • 100% Assumption of Risk
  • Customized Policies

Insurance FAQs

What happens when cargo is damaged?

Accidents happen. Law and tariff restrictions limit the liability of the Carrier, especially for loss and/or damage beyond the Carrier’s control (For example: Acts of God). Reliable cargo insurance is a convenient solution to this.

By choosing insurance cargo is protected against all risk of physical loss or damage from any external cause.

What is the coverage when cargo is insured with Aloha?
  • Cargo is protected against “All Risk” of physical loss or damage from any external cause irrespective of percentage of loss.
  • Coverage commences from the time goods are delivered to the air carrier and continues in force during the ordinary and customary course of transit to the final destination.
  • Coverage ceases 15 days after aircraft discharge or upon delivery, whichever occurs first. Coverage for perishables, flowers and live plants ceases at midnight on day of discharge from aircraft.
  • There is no deductible.
How is cargo insured?

Cargo is insured for the value of the goods + freight charges + 10% and this is referred to as the Total Insured Value. The same insured value calculation is used for claim settlements.

What cargo can I insure?

Commercial merchandise, used cargo in good condition and other lawful merchandise are all eligible for insurance. Cargo must be properly packaged. Perishables must be properly packed, pre-chilled and prepared to withstand the duration of the trip. Household Good and Personal Effect must be properly packed for export and accompanied by an itemized list detailing contents and values per each carton.

Are there any excluded commodities?

The following items do not qualify for this insurance:

  • Fine artwork – paintings, drawings, statues, rare books and other works of art.
  • Fine jewelry, fine watches.
  • Precious stones, diamonds.
  • Precious metals and bullion (Gold, platinum, silver, and other precious metals or articles).
  • Money and currency in any form (including phone cards and gift cards).
  • Accounts, bills, deeds, notes, securities, stock certificates, trading stamps, valuable papers or documents, evidences of debt, letters of credit, tickets, passports, manuscripts, mechanical drawings.
  • Recorded or electronic data and media.
  • Contraband or property in the course of illegal transportation or trade.
  • Furs / Animal Hides
  • Live animals
  • Perishables carried in dry container
  • Cadavers and or bodily fluids
  • Pianos
What is the process for filing claims?

In the unfortunate event of a loss, we promise a fast claim resolution. Please contact Customer Service at 1-888-94-ALOHA for details on how to get the process started.

What is declared value?

Declared Value
Declared value is another option to insure you cargo shipment. It allows our customers to declare a value for their shipment that exceeds our legal carrier liability (.50 cents/lb.) Any customer who wants to declare a value and pay for valuation ($1.50 / $100 of declared value) is covered for loss or damage up to, but not exceeding the total declared value. It can provide an affordable and easy way to provide coverage for cargo shipments.

While declared value does raise the level of protection, in order for a claim to be paid the shipper must prove negligence on the carrier’s part. Aloha Air Cargo is not obligated to pay claims they did not cause or contribute to. Therefore, events such as an Act of God, Vandalism, Terrorism and Theft are not covered and any claims would be denied.

The shipper must also provide receipt of the original purchase to be paid the claim. If the Declared Value is different than the receipt value, Aloha Air Cargo will only pay out the original purchase price as listed in the receipt.

What is the basic difference between All Risk Coverage and Declared Value?

“All Risk” coverage : Means your cargo is protected against “All Risk” of physical loss or damage to your cargo.  This coverage protects against loss caused by “Acts of God” as well as damage incurred by third parties during the coverage period.

Declared Value: Means the carrier will pay for loss or damage only in the event the carrier is proven liable for the loss or damage.

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Aloha Air Cargo provides timely, high-quality cargo service into and throughout the Hawaiian Islands. We offer refrigeration capabilities at all Hawaiian island locations, allowing us to deliver time-sensitive and perishable goods safely. With a variety of services from charters to our next flight guarantee, our Sales team is ready to help you with all your cargo needs.
Aloha Air Cargo operates a Boeing 767 and Boeing 737 fleet to ship time-sensitive products safely into and throughout the Hawaiian Islands. With regular flights six days a week, Aloha services every major airport destination within the State of Hawaii, including Honolulu, Kahului, Lihue, Hilo, and Kona, as well as locations in Los Angeles and Seattle. Our team of cargo experts is here to help move all of your precious cargo, on-time and reliably.

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Aloha Air Cargo operates a Boeing 767 and Boeing 737 freight aircraft fleet to ship various, time-sensitive products into and throughout the Hawaiian Islands. With regular flights six days a week, Aloha services every major airport destination within the State of Hawaii, including Honolulu, Kahului, Lihue, Hilo, and Kona. Our team of cargo experts is here to help move all of your precious cargo, on-time and reliably.
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