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Freight Quote

For all OVERSIZED PIECES (greater than 120 inches, less than 168 inches on any given side, and under 48 inches in height, up to a max weight of 5,000 lbs); additional charges may apply. For further information and assistance, please contact Aloha Customer Service at 888-94-ALOHA (25642) for assistance.

Online Freight Quotes

Overnight Freight, Live Animals and Same Day Express Service

If your commodity type is not included in the provided drop down, please contact Aloha Customer Service at 888-94-ALOHA (25642) for further assistance

Number of Pieces* Weight per piece (lbs)* Dimensions per piece (inches) Estimated Chargeable Weight (lbs)
L* W* H*
  • Discounted rates are available for large shipments, frequent shipments and local businesses.
  • Payment types accepted: Cash, Check, VISA, AMEX, MC, JCB, Diners Club, Discover, and Corporate Credit.
  • Surcharges, fees and additional tariffs may apply to the transportation of dangerous goods, over weight and oversized items.
  • Items such as surfboards and bicycles are charged at a flat rate, contact Customer Service directly.
  • Estimated Chargeable Weight is the greater of either DIM Weight or Gross Weight.
  • Dimensional Weight (DIM), is determined by multiplying length by width by depth in inches and dividing total by 194.
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