About Aloha Air Cargo

Aloha Air Cargo had its beginnings as a unitAAC_Logo_Block_270x180 of Aloha Airlines, a passenger airline that served Hawaii and US mainland destinations from 1946 to 2008 for 61 years.

Originally, Aloha’s cargo business consisted of carrying freight in the cargo holds below the floors of regular passenger flights. Aloha’s dual purpose Boeing 737-200 QC aircraft, better known as ‘quick change’ aircraft, had the unique ability to convert from a passenger configuration to an exclusively cargo configuration in less than an hour. In the evening, pallets of seats were removed to accommodate the overnight cargo.

On March 31, 2008, Aloha Airlines closed its doors, halting its passenger services. Aloha Airlines and its creditors, with the help of U.S. Senator Daniel Inouye, sold the airline’s profitable cargo division to Seattle-based Saltchuk, which in turn operates five (5) primary lines of business – Foss (Marine Resources), Tote (Shipping and Logistics), Interstate (Trucking), Northstar (Petroleum Distribution), and Northern Aviation Services which operates both Aloha Air Cargo and sister company, Northern Air Cargo. Saltchuk has been doing business in Hawaii since 2000 when it acquired Young Brothers / Hawaiian Tug & Barge. Committed to the welfare of Hawaii and strengthening the local economy, the company also acquired Hawaii Fuel Network, Maui Petroleum and Minit Stop Stores in 2006.

Today, Aloha Air Cargo’s aircraft fleet consists of four (4) AAC_Fleet_HeroBoeing 737-300 freighters and one (1) Boeing 767-300 freighter. With regular flights 6 days a week, Aloha services every major airport destination within the State of Hawaii including Honolulu, Kahului, Lihue, Hilo, and Kona. Through partnerships with other Hawaii airlines and international carriers, Aloha Air Cargo can arrange shipments from any Hawaii city to any destination worldwide.

Aloha Air Cargo carries diverse products such as; fresh bakery products, fish and seafood, produce, tropical fish, live animals, time sensitive shipments, cut floral and tropical fruit export products, general cargo and much more. DHL, Federal Express, and UPS are some of the notable shippers. Aloha Air Cargo is the only overnight carrier to offer refrigeration capabilities at all Hawaiian island locations.