Bike, Surfboard & Sports Equipment Flat Rates

Hawaii is an ideal playground for a wide range of activities, sports, and recreation. Our natural and varied landscape, perfect weather and picturesque scenery lend to how enjoyable it can be to really get out there to go biking, cycling, or surfing and paddle boarding.

Don’t limit yourself to the Island you live on; take a trip to a neighbor Island and take advantage of our bike shipping and surfboard shipping services to move your equipment within Hawaii.

We also ship long boards and paddle boards OVER 10 feet in length; where the item will be rated based on our general oversize freight (per lb.) rates. For sports equipment over 10 ft. in length, please contact our Customer Service Call Center for assistance.

Flat Rate (plus tax and applicable fuel surcharges)- applicable for Hawaii Interisland Shipping only
Item Cost
*Surf or Paddle Board under 10′ $ 35.00
Bicycle $ 40.00

Contact Aloha Customer Service for board rates for our Los Angeles Lanes.

NOTE: We currently do not accept canoes with outriggers (ama) for transport under this or any rate due to the fragility of the equipment. However, we will only accept plastic, one-man canoes (without an outrigger) per our existing size limitations; please refer to our Overnight Freight requirements.Contact Aloha Customer Service for board rates for our Los Angeles Lanes.

*All surfboards packed in boxes that exceed 10 feet in length will be rated at general freight and/or oversized rates based on actual packaging length.

We appreciate your understanding. If you have any questions please contact Aloha Air Cargo customer service.